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  • 09/09/2019 10:21 AM | Anonymous

    By Darlene Myers

    We had a great meeting on August 27th!  After the regular business of the meeting was handled Michael Rhodabarger presented “Counter Intuitive Leadership.”  Michael’s engaging style started off by noting the three problems every business has…profit, people and process.

    Michael stated that most companies only focus on profit and process and neglect their people.  He suggested the percentage of time spent on people should be 90% and 10% of time on processes.  He showed a picture of a house without a firm foundation and it was obviously not stable or sturdy.  Then he showed a picture of the house with a great foundation.  The house with a great foundation just looks like a great house. You don’t see the foundation – but the fact that the house is upright and altogether, and looks good, etc…indicates that there must be a solid foundation.  A solid foundation in business is created by great leadership.

    There are two kinds of leaders Personality Leaders and Counterintuitive Leaders. 

    Personality Leaders:

    Personality leaders are split into introvert personalities and extrovert personalities.  And those are broken down into 5 components: Transactional, Bureaucratic, Laissez Faire / Melancholy, Autocratic and Charismatic.  These types are natural to human nature.

    Counter-Intuitive Leaders

    Counter-Intuitive Leaders split their leadership styles between Transformational Leadership and Servant Leadership and that produces success!  This process is “Un-Natural” to human nature but critical to effective leadership.

    Michael then used the analogy of a construction project to illustrate the importance of starting with a good foundation in our leadership endeavors (which incidentally means improving our own leadership skills). 

    Finally he noted that we should never under-estimate the power of competition.

    Michael provides something called a SKAN Skills Analysis.  His website is www. execuspect.com and his email is info@execuspect.com.

  • 01/30/2019 11:28 AM | Anonymous

    By Darlene Myers

    If you were at the Vision and Values Masterclass Tuesday, January 19, 2019, you already know this but if you weren’t – here’s a quick recap…

    It happened on a cold and dreary afternoon, with freezing rain.  In spite of the poor weather, the room was filled with women of all ages looking for knowledge on how to write their personal vision statement.  The room at Yeo and Yeo was warm and full of positive expectations for what lay ahead this afternoon.

    The program started at 12 pm with a delicious boxed lunch sponsored by Thrive Social and Team One Credit Union. Kris Marsh was fantastic. She started with a brief introduction to the exercises we were about to begin. Without delay, we found a group close to us and jumped right into the process of finding our vision. 

    Kris provided handouts to help guide us through the process.  As she moved through the crowd, she would share what other groups were doing to offer examples to the rest of us who may have struggled a bit with our vision. It turns out, this process is harder than it looks!   Even though some of us didn’t complete our own vision statement – we got a good head start on it and had the opportunity to contemplate our future in a way we had not previously done.  The process of working in groups with other people and asking specific questions of each other helped to clarify thoughts and desires.  Additionally, the group work was an excellent way to make new acquaintances and start new friendships.

    The program wrapped up at 4pm and we all bundled up to brave the drive home. 

    Remember we have another important program coming (Member’s Only) called “She Designed A Life She Loved” – Vision Board Party on Thursday, February 21, 2019 5:30 pm at ServPro, 470 N. Adams Saginaw, MI 48604.

  • 08/23/2018 10:36 AM | Anonymous member

    Dreams & Goals

     By Tammy Claramunt

    While standing in line at a vacation resort recently, I began chatting with the woman in line next to me.  We were out at the pool, waiting for the bartender to whip up a cocktail and she was friendly, nice and oh so fashionable.  She was wearing a spectacular pair of Chanel sunglasses-round, gold and extremely sparkly!!  She told me how she vacations here frequently, a place that was a-once in a lifetime-kind of place for me.


    Cocktail in hand, I strolled back to my chaise, stared out at the beautiful scenery around me, google-searched her $500 pair of sunglasses then quickly wondered the possibilities.  "I don't want to be her", I announced to myself, "I just want to be here".


    This dream or goal or desire is not unlike any other.  I pulled a pen from my bag, using the napkin from my cocktail, I quickly began working on a plan. A financial plan.


    In the past when I've read other financial articles, it's easy for me to see how people get overwhelmed by the information or lost in the details.  A long-term financial goal doesn't have to be overwhelming though.  Think of it this way:  when you are trying to accomplish a career goal do you consult a career coach?  When you are facing a weight loss obstacle, might you consult a health coach?  A financial goal needs the help of a financial coach.  It all begins with the end in mind, yet action and accountability are critical components.  For example:

    • 1.       Identify your desire or need?  What is the end goal you are striving for?  A vacation? An early retirement? A larger home? A better car?

    2. Evaluate where you are now.  What does my spending look like?  What can I trim?  What can I do to earn more? What can I do to save more?  Invest differently?

    3. Develop a plan to achieve your goal.  How much, how long, etc.

    4. Track. Stop, measure, re-evaluate but most importantly, have an accountability partner who will track & measure your progress with you.

    Unfortunately, I have other financial goals that have a larger priority than the vacation spot; however, I'm making it a part of my plan.  I WILL return there some day! In the meantime, I'll be more aware of my financial habits so that I can stay on track.

    Tammy Claramunt pursued her life’s dreams by becoming a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones. She spends her days in pursuit of others committed to their dreams as well! 

  • 08/15/2018 1:43 PM | Anonymous member

    Learning to Listen to My Body and Love Myself

    By Lisa Stockmeyer

    I woke up this morning the same as always, sleepy and comfortable, needing to peel myself out of bed to avoid the regret of hitting snooze on my alarm. I walked into the living room and let the dogs outside, walked back through the kitchen to grab a glass of water, and then to the bathroom. Preparing to get in the shower I looked in the mirror and analyzed my growing belly. I look at how round and hard it feels. My skin is stretched, and I peek around to find any hints of stretch marks that may have grown over night. Although I use oils to avoid those pink stripes that peek out at this time in pregnancy, I still look for them, hoping to see one. Maybe I subconsciously see them as a trophy for carrying my daughter around on my front side for 9 to 10 months. Either way, it doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t bother me that I’m getting larger, that nothing fits, that my boobs are huge and sore and I have no idea what will happen to them after the baby, that I can’t shave my legs as well as before, and all of the other odd happenings to my body.

    As a pregnant woman, people either act one of two ways; like I’m broken, or like I’m a superhero. Either way, everyone has their opinion whether they choose to admit it or not. If being judged in this way bothers us as pregnant women, curvy women, fitness woman, or nerdy women, however you may see yourself, then why, highly contrasted, as a woman, do we do this to ourselves? We treat our own bodies as if we are broken. We judge ourselves when we can’t fit into a body type, when we don’t work hard enough, or when we’re not perfect. When we don’t fit a mold, we subconsciously try to fix ourselves. But the truth is, you can’t listen to that societal mold of perfect, you have to listen to your body. What is your body telling you that you need to do for yourself? And how do we listen to our bodies?

    A few years ago through a series of less than proud moments of insecurity and self destructive behavior, I had a revolutionary yet simple discovery that I alone, am the greatest friend I will ever have. I don’t mean in an “I avoid other humans way.” But reminding myself that I will be with my husband most of the time, I will see my friends here and there, I will talk to my mom on the phone, but I have been and will be with one person, 100% of everyday for the rest of my life; myself. With that, I knew I needed to love and take care of myself more than anyone else on this earth, and stop and listen to what this body I take everywhere with me is trying to tell me. I am the only one responsible for its safe keeping and care. When I started really listening to my body and what I needed, whoa baby, did my mindset change, and my self- confidence soar with gratitude! Talk about power! It took years to clear my mind of negative emotions and thoughts and make space to listen deeply and intentionally to myself. And here’s how I did it in 8 beautiful ways.

    1. I began to ignore gossip of any kind. 

    Seems obvious, but we all know it’s not easy! I learned to disassociate myself with what was happening around me if it wasn’t productive. I TRY to not talk crudely about others. I TRY to not talk unkindly about myself. And I TRY to never talk unfavorably about my spouse. If we allow ourselves to be taken over by gossip and self destructive conversation of ourselves, we aren’t allowing room to listen to what our own body’s needs are. Consciously clearing gossip and hate from our souls is a good opportunity to ask yourself, how do I want to be treated? Make it clear to others what you need out of a relationship, whether family, friends, or a significant other. Knowing what you want will allow you to have empathy for other people's feelings and make you a better friend and companion.

    2. I learned to be intentional about what is becoming one of our main forms of communication, and influence, Facebook. 

    Delete or “unfollow” all your “friends” on Facebook that aren’t building you up. Harsh, I know. I have “unfollowed” at least 50% of my Facebook friends for this reason. I do not read and respond to posts that will cause me distress. I’m talking about the “grinds your gears” and all it does is piss you off type of posts. We are too damn busy!

    3. We tend to take on the personality of the 5 people we hang out with the most, so I told myself if I am spending most of my time with “downers,” or negative people, than I will have a hard time staying positive myself. 

    I learned to disassociate with those that aided in producing negative outcomes in my life. There is a difference between a friend that needs you during low times, and a friend that is doing everything they can to take you down with them. Give your whole heart generously, but not at the expense of your own wellbeing. You have to know when it’s the right time to let go of negative people because it’s what YOU need, and not feel bad about it.

    4. I stopped letting others take advantage of my kindness. 

    When people take advantage of us, it’s our fault. We allowed them to do that by not speaking up for ourselves, or not being perfectly clear of our intentions and expectations. Tell the world what you want and need. Hints do not work. If you come off too blunt or stern at times, you can always apologize.

    5. I started to not let things that scare me, stop me. 

    I know my body... and the awful symptoms I feel when I’m scared, shaking hands, racing heart, body aches and complete exhaustion, has never killed me, and it sure has never outweighed the amazing benefits I have felt afterwards, of putting myself out there. When I step outside of my comfort zone, I can tell myself that I am now one step closer to my goal, whether the outcome was desired or not. If the experience was horrible- like a disastrous meeting, or an embarrassing speech, I just gave myself the most valuable information to work with to improve upon!

    6. My absolute #1. I learned to eat well, workout, relax, and spend time doing what I want to do. 

    I have lunch by myself at a quiet café if I want to, I treat myself to a snack when I want one, I don’t deprive myself just because I am “healthy.” There is a huge difference between treating yourself to what you want, like a cookie or a bowl of ice cream, and overdoing it. I got in the mindset that I am taking care of this beautiful body and my body does not want to be pumped with sugar and grease every day, and certainly not in the amounts that my brain told me I needed. I learned that by listening to my body I could discern what those cravings were, not just what my taste buds told me. And I could discern what the foods were that my body needed the most to sustain. I do not have a health degree, but I listen to what my body says I need, and I am the master of what keeps me healthy and feeling amazing! Your story may be that you’ve embraced Keto and power walking. Great! Or Weight Watchers and weight lifting works for you! Also great! Gluten free diet has helped you the most? That’s perfect! We are not required to follow anyone else’s plan. I learned to stop “dieting” all together, and just started simply listening to my bodies needs which allowed me to feel amazing. Health is now a LIFESTYLE and not a burden or a plan with an expiration date.

    7. And with all of this, remembering, my outward appearance is important to me, and only me. 

    I still point out and cover up my flaws like everyone else, because I am a human on this judgmental, social media driven, “filter” obsessed planet. However, there was a point where I chose to look at myself in the mirror, and say to myself, “I look perfect.” Yes, people judge, people point out your flaws, that’s life. Get over it! I am the boss of what’s in front of me. I take action over everything that comes up, everything interruption, every irritation, I handle and manage it like a boss.

    8. My final action was embodying the idea that confidence is what makes you sexy, not your looks.

    Taking the best care of yourself and loving yourself is not one size fits all. It’s about truly listening to your body, your mind, and your soul and figuring out what is best for YOU. How do we know that we’re “too curvy” or “not pretty enough?” From all the people out there pointing out what we shouldn’t look like! Ignore this! Let your confidence and love for your body radiate! Your body does amazing things for you. Thank your body for that. Love yourself ladies! We take time to listen to our best friends issues at work, and our kids day at school, and we spend time remembering to listen and care for our spouse’s needs, and yet we won’t sit down and listen to the most important person in our lives; ourselves.

    Lisa Stockmeyer is the owner of Face Kicked Apparel, a family owned business right here in the Great Lakes Bay Region. Lisa established the business with her husband Sean after learning that his professional wrestling career could turn into a lucrative sales opportunity. What started out as making their own t-shirts to sell at wrestling shows, turned into making other wrestler’s t-shirts, which grew to what is now a full-time custom screen printing and vinyl work business, serving individuals and businesses nationwide. Lisa’s passion for marketing, design, and all things creative, makes Face Kicked Apparel the perfect career for her to live her passion of being an artist, working with her husband, and being a mom.

  • 08/06/2018 10:17 AM | Anonymous member

    Empowered Girls Become Empowered Women

    By: Neena Hogle

    The other day I saw a woman wearing a t-shirt that read: “Girls compete with each other, women empower one another.” As an advocate for empowering women, and a collector of inspiring t-shirts, I was immediately attracted to the quote. However, the more I thought about it, the less I liked it. Eventually, I even became indignant over it.

    Despite the implication here, ‘girl’ is not a derogative. Therefore, the suggestion that you should be a ‘woman’, and empower other females, not a ‘girl’ and compete with other females is defamatory. Furthermore, this quote creates a gender stereotype that it’s ‘what girls do’, and that it’s socially acceptable, even expected behavior, that girls compete and tear each other down. It further insinuates, that when they do become grown women they should begin to support and empower one another. Most of our behaviors are shaped in early childhood, not adulthood, so why advocate girls competing with each other in their pre-teen and teen years, then expect them to know how to build each other up when they become adults? We should be teaching girls to empower one another from a young age, so that when they become women they already know what it feels like to be empowered by other women, and they know how to empower other women.

    Teach girls that they don’t need to compete with each other, they are ENOUGH. Teach girls to love and honor themselves, and to support and empower each other. Empowered girls become empowered women.

  • 06/25/2018 10:25 AM | Anonymous member

    Guest post by Beth Bryce, Career Strategist, Bold Catalyst & Transformation Coach with Girls2Women Coaching.

    Incredibly inspiring luncheon with Women in Leadership Great Lakes Bay and the amazing Sarah Fechter, SF Fitness on January 17th, 2017! Wow, I feel like I could lift 1,000 lbs. I also walked away with 1,000 lbs lifted off my shoulders (if that makes sense) from Sarah's advice. I took copious notes. Sarah's nuggets for you:

    • If all you have is 30 minutes to work out, lift weights. 1 hour after lifting weights your fat burn is tripled - not so with cardio.
    • Best advice for menopausal women fighting the weight battle: be active and you MUST see a dietician.
    • If all you give at the gym is 60%, you're already beating everyone on the couch!!!!
    • Every single one of us wants to improve and has insecurities. Don't compare your journey. There may be 2 really fit people at the gym; everybody else is just like you, trying to get better.
    • Don't put a time constraint on yourself, take it one step at a time rather than all at once.
    • You deserve to be healthy and fit too. Why not you?
    • ...And when in doubt use Kim Philips 2017 mantra, when I asked her what it was, she said without hesitation, "No Fear!"

    Get healthy peeps, mind, body, and spirit. Can't do it alone? Get a support team. Your time is now!


  • 06/25/2018 10:24 AM | Anonymous member

    2017-01-26 Kathleen McGraw, Vision Board Party-800x400.png

    On January 26th, 2017, Kathleen McGraw lead us through creating a vision board. A vision board is a visual representation of what you envision for your life. Getting clarity on what you really want out of life and then living with focused intentions can result in nothing short of miracles! This simple step of beginning to harness the power of your subconscious mind can help you get focused and accomplish your goals.

    Here are some comments from the event:

    Kathlee McGraw

    "THANK YOU for sharing your dreams tonight and allowing me to challenge you to uncover your greatness! Powerful, vibrant, authentic women changing lives! Breakthroughs ... tears ... awareness ... accepting worthiness ... holding each other accountable ....taking action! BOOM! Love you all

    Dawn Luptowski

    "Love this amazing group of women who I can laugh and cry with! Would have never uncovered what I need to focus on without this night."

    Jenny Gaudreau-Dumont

    "My soul was fed!!! Thank you ladies for trusting in the vision of WIL!"

    2017-01-26 Kathleen McGraw, Vision Board Party-jenny and jen.png

    Krista Moon

    "Thanks for introducing me to Vision Boards. It was a great experience! It's interesting when you put a time limit on it, because you have to get it done. You can't think too much. My first one turned out to be a word cloud of some of my core values (at least I think that's what all those words are leaning towards!). We'll see where it ends up! I think it's a work in progress."

    Vision Board - 2017 - cropped-800x503.jpg

    Suzanne Sharp

    "Healthy, inspiring energy in that room tonight! Thanks for letting me be part of it and for the wonderful lead Kathleen!"

  • 06/25/2018 10:22 AM | Anonymous member

    Women in Leadership Great Lakes Bay

    The first ever Junior Achievement (JA) Mentor Circle took place on February 21, 2017, at Saginaw Valley State University in partnership with Women in Leadership.

    At this event, 126 high school young ladies participated in roundtable discussions with professional women in a variety of industries. The mission was to offer support and guidance to the next generation of women leaders. When they succeed, we all succeed!

    The day wrapped up with networking, lunch with ladies from Women in Leadership, and an inspiring presentation by Barbara Littles, Leadership Coach and CEO of Purpose by Design on The Power of Mentoring and Being Mentored.

    JA Mentor Circle

    Click to watch the WNEM news story

    Click to watch the WNEM news story.

    The girls and their mentors gathered at SVSU Curtiss Hall for the first session of the JA Mentor Circle Educational Program. Women from various industries including law, business, education, engineering, politics and more shared experiences, answered questions, and showed solidarity with the young ladies.

    Here's what some of them had to say about their experience:

    “I loved everything about the day. It was personal, yet empowering. I’ve realized how important it is to have a mentor. Today I am going home with more confidence and a better outlook on life. Thank you. I am proud to be a woman.”

    “I would love to attend this event again. It was a great experience.”

    “Thank you to both of my mentors. You really helped me to see a new point of view of life. I am not going to run away from fear, and to stay prepared for whatever comes my way.”

    Women in Leadership and JA Mentor Circle Luncheon

    Women in Leadership Great Lakes Bay Luncheon

    After the morning discussion, the girls and their mentors joined the Women in Leadership luncheon.

    Presentation: The Power of Mentoring and Being Mentored

    Women in Leadership Luncheon with Barbara Littles

    During lunch, Barbara Littles shared how mentoring relationships can promote career and personal growth for everyone involved. Here's what Beth Bryce, Career Strategist and Women in Leadership member had to say about her presentation:

    "Barbara is what everyone would hope to have in a mentor, truly. She inspires me to see bigger, dream bigger and do bigger, she asks tough questions and challenges me.

    Homework from Barbara:

    1. What type of mentor do you need? Academic, career, personal, business
    2. Name 3 people who you would consider asking to mentor you
    3. What would you want to learn from each of those persons?
    4. Write how you will make those requests and when

    I hope you have an awesome mentor, make that mentors, plural. And that you have the opportunity to pay it forward mentoring others, which is an honor and gift...both ways.

    Women supporting women, always. "


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  • 06/25/2018 10:21 AM | Anonymous member


    A night of wine took place on Tuesday, March 21, 2017. Twenty-six fabulous women gathered at U Me Paint Experience in Saginaw to enjoy some delicious red and white wines from Wines for Humanity. Darlene Anderson, a WIL member, presented each wine telling us what kind it was and where it comes from. Wine was available for purchase that night with a percentage of the proceeds going to Women in Leadership.

    Here are a few wine tips we learned from Darlene.

    • Serve red at 65 degrees, white at 55 degrees, and sparkling/champagne at 45 degrees
    • When serving reds, put them in the refrigerator for 20 mins beforehand. Whites are typically stored in the refrigerator and need to be pulled out 20 minutes before serving.
    • How to taste wine: Sight-swirl-sniff-sip-swallow
    • Serve mild wine with mild food and Strong wine with strong food serve
    • Match the origin of the wine with the origin of the food

    A birthday cake was enjoyed for co-chair member, Dawn Luptowski along with a wonderful spread of crackers, cheese, and fruit. It was a fun filled night of strong women, delicious wine, great conversation, and lots of laughter.


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  • 06/25/2018 10:20 AM | Anonymous member


    Our April 18, 2017 luncheon focused on women’s health, specifically heart disease, the nation’s leading cause of death for women. Our guest speaker, Jamie Richardson – a fitness trainer and Go Red for Women supporter – shared her moving story on how she dealt with an unexpected heart problem at a


    Having experienced a bout of fatigue in her late 20’s, Jamie attributed it to the demands of being a new mother and her career. When she suddenly fainted one morning and ended up in the emergency room twice that day after a fainting a second time, she was shocked to learn she was diagnosed with a heart condition that would cause her to need a pacemaker.

    Having been healthy throughout her life, and with no history of heart problems in her family, the event caused Jamie to take a new look at her health. Without any major physical symptoms or health issues, we as women can often take our health for granted. Jamie decided to make fitness a consistent part of her life, trying various exercise classes and taking up running. Throughout the past 10 years she has made changes in her diet, and now runs marathons and teaches kick boxing classes at her local gym. Reaching out to the community and increasing awareness of heart disease is Jamie’s passion, and she is living proof you can be in control of your health and feel the empowerment that comes with healthy lifestyle changes!

    Our April luncheon also marked our One Year Anniversary! Throughout the past year we have developed a dynamic group of strong supportive women, eager to connect and inspire each other. We continue to grow and look forward to more exciting years to come!


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