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Keep Your Appetite

06/02/2022 3:40 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Sandra Crosby Robinson is our guest blogger.

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It is key to visualize what you desire and to always keep the vision with you as you grow and change.

Imagine this, You are at dinner at one of your favorite restaurants and have decided to enjoy your meal without guilt, just pleasure. The ambience is beautiful, service is excellent. After waiting and anticipating, here comes your meal. As your server is bringing your meal to the table, you notice that it resembles the picture in the menu. Not only is it what you asked for, it is also what you desire! Your mouth begins to water, there is a twinkle in your eye, and your heart skips a beat. You subconsciously place your dinner conversation on pause while you reach for your silverware. You recognize that you are about to have a sumptuous meal and wonderful dining experience. Suddenly, before you can taste your feast and enjoy the moment: you began to count calories, your eyes wander to the plate next to you, and you question if you should have ordered the same meal as someone else. Finally, you calculate the price of the meal in your head— in lightning speed, what was a joyful treat, has now become a mediocre or unappetizing meal that you no longer desire to eat; you are unable to enjoy and have a sumptuous dining experience. Translation: you just lost your appetite (desire, liking, fondness, taste, willingness, hunger, zest, gusto, thirst, and inclination)! Why? What happened?

Just a thought: The meal did not change once it was placed on the table; nor did the meal of your guest change. What changed was your Appetite: Your desire to dive-in while allowing your imagination and reality to meet. We are all endowed with an Appetite for several things, not just food. Our Appetite fuels us and is a key deciding factor in how we approach our life.
Have distractions, disappointments, questions, guilt and/or fear interfered with your goals? Do you want to regain your hunger? Try this, go back to the original picture; your original “why?”. As your server (appetite) is bringing your meal (hopes, dreams, goals, desires) to you, choose to notice that it resembles the picture (imagination) in the menu (potential). Not only is it what you asked for, it is also what you desire. Choose to get that twinkle in your eye, allow your mouth to water, and allow your heart to skip a beat. 

Place your dinner conversation on pause while you subconsciously reach for your silverware. Recognize that you are about to have a sumptuous meal (live life). Take your first bite, immediately close your eyes as you savor the first bite, and smile with satisfaction. Take delight in the meal while looking forward to the next time. Now recognize it is worth the cost and so are you!

Tantalize your taste buds. Live life. Remember, do not give up! 


“Stay focused, ignore the distractions, and you will accomplish your goals much faster.”

— Joel Osteen


Sandra Crosby Robinson

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