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Why Do Women Make Great Leaders? 4 Tips for Success

05/03/2022 1:02 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

By nature women are ingrained to be nurturers, cheerleaders to their spouse and children, short order cooks, chauffeurs, nurses, and all the other things we do for others every day. We are used to multi-tasking and caring for others. It makes perfect sense that these traits will carry over as we enter leadership roles on the job.

What traits do women bring to the table?

One can argue that women approach leadership differently. But that’s not the whole picture. It’s more about the purpose we have and the contributions we make in our careers. In a study conducted by Caliper, women who held leadership positions were more likely to exhibit assertiveness, be persuasive, are more motivated to get things done, be empathetic, are more flexible and more social. That’s not to say men don’t have these traits, but women scored stronger.

Women tend to have a high level of emotional intelligence in their leadership roles. This differs from being emotional on the job. Emotional intelligence refers to considering others’ feelings, keeping commitments, and offering praise and learning opportunities for others. Women leaders also tend to like more autonomy, and thrive on a flexible schedule of work formats such as in-office and remote work combinations.

What about ambitions?

It seems ambition is directly related to company culture and diversity. Less diverse companies tend to have less ambitious women, creating a gap in ambitions by gender. These companies will have more men in upper management positions. However, when there is greater diversity and a solid company culture, women are just as likely to move into those upper management positions. 

Home and family commitments do not necessarily affect professional ambitions of women. They can be just as driven as men and have a family. It might take a little planning, but aren’t we all great multi-taskers?

Wouldn’t we all like to think of ourselves as great leaders? That’s partially true. Where we fall short is in thinking we have it all figured out. 

Tip #1: Nobody has it all figured out. 

It doesn’t matter what your business is, it is constantly changing.Change is good. But we have to evolve with the changes. We have to stay on our toes. We have to be smart, efficient, and experts in our field. But keep it real. We don’t know it all, and we never will. So accept the fact that it will never be figured out. 

Tip #2: Be self-aware.

Know your limitations, flaws, and weaknesses. Knowing this will undoubtedly make you a better leader. Lean on those on your team that have strengths that make up for your limits. This will also make it easier to set realistic goals and give you reason to be prepared. 

Tip #3: Know how to motivate!

Leading isn’t just about providing direction. Your staff needs you to help motivate them. One way to do this is to transform attitudes and beliefs. This won’t happen overnight, but a gradual change in culture to promote teamwork might be the ticket to success.

Tip #4: Know who comes first.

Who comes first? No, this isn’t a chicken or egg question. It’s more simple than that. Your staff, your employees should come first. Leadership is last. People who feel valued will reciprocate by trying harder and will do it joyfully. Be empathetic by making connections. Build up the employees you lead. Help them to grow and reach their full potential.

In short, what do women bring to the leadership table? Everything! 

Read more tips here: https://hbr.org/2020/04/7-leadership-lessons-men-can-learn-from-women

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