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Leading into the New Year

12/01/2023 5:27 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

As a leader, you have an important role in your organization's success. While it can be challenging to lead others, there are some simple ways to ensure that you and the people you're responsible for are on the right track. Let's explore some leadership goals for 2024 that will help you move forward with confidence and stay true to yourself and your values.

Leading Inclusively

Inclusive leadership is creating an environment where everyone feels heard and respected. It means not only making sure that you're giving all your employees opportunities to lead but also being mindful of the way you communicate with them--and making sure they know they can come to you if they feel intimidated or uncomfortable because of their gender identity/expression, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation and/or other factors such as age or disability status.

For this kind of inclusive leadership style to work effectively in your organization, you need buy-in from senior management (e.g., C-suite executives). With their support for this type of change within your company culture, it could be easier--if possible--to implement changes on any scale beyond yourself as an individual leader. A commitment from all levels within the organization will help ensure its success. Your role as a leader means taking risks sometimes by stepping outside your comfort zone so you can understand how others may perceive you differently than we think ourselves when interacting with them; this takes courage!

Leading Focused

  • Keep your eye on the prize.

  • Remove Distractions

  • Don't get stuck in the past.

  • Be flexible to adjust your goals if they aren't working out as well as they could or if new opportunities arise that are worth pursuing instead of those original goals.

Leading Connected

  • Connect with your staff and customers in person and online.

  • Staff: Get out of the office and visit with employees at their workstations. It's a great way to see how they work and hear what they say about their jobs and the company. It also allows them to share ideas with you.

  • Customers: Use social media tools such as Facebook or Twitter to interact directly with customers on matters that affect them (such as product recalls). This can also be done by hosting webinars or holding question-and-answer sessions on forums like LinkedIn Answers or Quora; these platforms allow you to tap into vast pools of knowledge from people who are experts in various industries or fields.

Leading Strategically

The first step to achieving your leadership goals is to make them clear. You can do this by writing down your objectives and identifying the steps you need to take for them to become a reality. Once you've identified all of these things, make sure that they're in line with what's important for your organization right now--it's not worth forcing yourself through something that doesn't fit its strategic direction or isn't aligned with its culture, so be sure that any goals are aligned with what everyone else wants out of their workday too!

Once you've laid out some solid plans, it's time for another important step: stick with them! This may sound simple enough, but many people give up before reaching their destination because they didn't plan properly and underestimated how much work would go into achieving their goal(s). To combat this problem, set reminders on calendars or smartphones so that every day brings you closer to completing tasks needed to reach those results. Also, try setting smaller milestones along the way so there are frequent successes, which will also motivate future efforts!

Leading Victoriously

When you achieve something great, it's important to celebrate! Also, use any setbacks to align yourself and safeguard yourself.

What mistakes or obstacles came up? 

What valuable lesson did you learn?

How can you apply that next time? What were some of your biggest mistakes? How did you learn from them? And what could have been done differently next time?

Leading Improved

You must make tough decisions and deal with difficult situations as a leader. You must also work hard to improve yourself to be the best leader possible for your team or organization.

Here are some ways in which we can all become better leaders:

  • Leadership is a process--it only happens after some time! If you want something from your team or organization (like more teamwork), then take the time to learn what makes teams successful and how they function together. This way, when something goes wrong in the future (and trust me: something will), we'll know how to fix it quickly and effectively--and avoid repeating past mistakes!

  • Don't think of leadership as just about YOU; instead, think about how YOU can help others succeed by giving them opportunities to shine while learning from their experiences!

Remember that there are no right answers to setting or achieving goals- it's all about finding what works best for you and your team!

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