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How To Host A Power Talk

07/29/2022 3:46 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

As women sometimes we have to dance around issues or avoid certain topics. But why should we? Each of us has valid opinions and knowledge to share. It’s ok if we disagree, but it’s not ok to hide our true thoughts and feelings to avoid a nasty conversation.

Keeping in mind that there is no wrong or right here. But here are some ideas to think about when hosting a power talk.

Age can be a plus! 

Multi-generational discussions can offer differing perspectives on your chosen topic. What is true or the norm in today’s world views isn’t going to be the same as it was 10 or 20 years ago. More experienced women can offer things a younger generation has not considered, and vice versa.

Include women you DON’T know…

Part of what makes power talks exciting is hearing opinions from people you just met. Step out of your comfort zone of trusted friends and hear it from someone new to your circle. Set some ground rules or no-judgement policies so nobody takes the discussion too negatively. Keep it engaging and thought provoking, but a safe zone where everyone feels validated.

What about men?

There will be some topics best kept between your girls, but how about including some men from time to time? They can be a great ally. Women still face inequalities in the workplace. Why not have a power talk with some men who see women as valuable individuals that have a different perspective than they do. Learn from each other, find ways to use your differences to benefit your profession.

Life experiences can add a lot!

There are definitely some things many of us experience, such as childbirth, family vacations, and challenges in the workplace. Even though we share the experiences, the process adds something unique to our lives. One person’s take can give some food for thought to another.

Size does matter.

Your best discussions will happen when your group is kept small enough to feel intimate and comfortable. Having too large a group can be intimidating for people to speak freely. Maybe have some snacks and beverages to help lighten the conversation and keep it friendly!

Informal is empowering.

Who doesn’t like a bonfire? Or an evening at home? Keeping the location informal gives you control over the environment. You won’t have to worry about a loud restaurant, nosy neighboring tables, or a feeling of distaste about a topic or comment. A cozy atmosphere at home is a better option for your guests to really open up about their thoughts and feelings. 

Are you ready?

Whether you create a formal invitation, an email invite, or a social media message is up to you. To be more effective, you can have some topics and questions written down before your guests arrive. You can even include this in your invitation! 

What are you waiting for? Invite some peeps and get talking!

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