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Financial Dreams & Goals

08/23/2018 10:36 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Dreams & Goals

 By Tammy Claramunt

While standing in line at a vacation resort recently, I began chatting with the woman in line next to me.  We were out at the pool, waiting for the bartender to whip up a cocktail and she was friendly, nice and oh so fashionable.  She was wearing a spectacular pair of Chanel sunglasses-round, gold and extremely sparkly!!  She told me how she vacations here frequently, a place that was a-once in a lifetime-kind of place for me.


Cocktail in hand, I strolled back to my chaise, stared out at the beautiful scenery around me, google-searched her $500 pair of sunglasses then quickly wondered the possibilities.  "I don't want to be her", I announced to myself, "I just want to be here".


This dream or goal or desire is not unlike any other.  I pulled a pen from my bag, using the napkin from my cocktail, I quickly began working on a plan. A financial plan.


In the past when I've read other financial articles, it's easy for me to see how people get overwhelmed by the information or lost in the details.  A long-term financial goal doesn't have to be overwhelming though.  Think of it this way:  when you are trying to accomplish a career goal do you consult a career coach?  When you are facing a weight loss obstacle, might you consult a health coach?  A financial goal needs the help of a financial coach.  It all begins with the end in mind, yet action and accountability are critical components.  For example:

  • 1.       Identify your desire or need?  What is the end goal you are striving for?  A vacation? An early retirement? A larger home? A better car?

2. Evaluate where you are now.  What does my spending look like?  What can I trim?  What can I do to earn more? What can I do to save more?  Invest differently?

3. Develop a plan to achieve your goal.  How much, how long, etc.

4. Track. Stop, measure, re-evaluate but most importantly, have an accountability partner who will track & measure your progress with you.

Unfortunately, I have other financial goals that have a larger priority than the vacation spot; however, I'm making it a part of my plan.  I WILL return there some day! In the meantime, I'll be more aware of my financial habits so that I can stay on track.

Tammy Claramunt pursued her life’s dreams by becoming a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones. She spends her days in pursuit of others committed to their dreams as well! 

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