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Gearing Up for a Healthy 2017 with Sarah Fechter

06/25/2018 10:25 AM | Anonymous

Guest post by Beth Bryce, Career Strategist, Bold Catalyst & Transformation Coach with Girls2Women Coaching.

Incredibly inspiring luncheon with Women in Leadership Great Lakes Bay and the amazing Sarah Fechter, SF Fitness on January 17th, 2017! Wow, I feel like I could lift 1,000 lbs. I also walked away with 1,000 lbs lifted off my shoulders (if that makes sense) from Sarah's advice. I took copious notes. Sarah's nuggets for you:

  • If all you have is 30 minutes to work out, lift weights. 1 hour after lifting weights your fat burn is tripled - not so with cardio.
  • Best advice for menopausal women fighting the weight battle: be active and you MUST see a dietician.
  • If all you give at the gym is 60%, you're already beating everyone on the couch!!!!
  • Every single one of us wants to improve and has insecurities. Don't compare your journey. There may be 2 really fit people at the gym; everybody else is just like you, trying to get better.
  • Don't put a time constraint on yourself, take it one step at a time rather than all at once.
  • You deserve to be healthy and fit too. Why not you?
  • ...And when in doubt use Kim Philips 2017 mantra, when I asked her what it was, she said without hesitation, "No Fear!"

Get healthy peeps, mind, body, and spirit. Can't do it alone? Get a support team. Your time is now!


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